Helping Us Get Found

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Helping Us Get Found

We would like to thank Constructiv Works for a couple of things. First, they are in the middle of building us a great new website. Second, they are optimizing our website for some kick butt SEO.

You see, it’s one thing to build a website and it’s a completely other thing to build it to actually get found. It takes experience and know how to best optimize your site so your customers can actually find you.

When we considered our business strategy, we figured the best way to spend some money would be long term. CWI convinced us that using marketing dollars on SEO would provide value in the long run. It would be easier to use Google Adwords, and we still may, but it was explained that if you do SEO right it should help your online presence.

So long and short of it. We’re excited to get going on our new web project and we can’t wait until people actually find us. That’s when this whole project will get exciting.

Talk to y’all later.